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My name's Kristen Karovic, and I mentor international student to plan, apply, & succeed at universities abroad, particularly at a budget of less than USD 20,000 per year for tuition and living expenses.

What does this mean? I don't receive commission from universities—a common practice to recruit students from foreign countries. My recommendations about universities and programs come from over 10 years of experience of campus visits, thorough research, and conversations with professors, current students/graduates, fellow educators, professional memberships, and the admission team. 
Every year, I volunteer or work for a manageable monthly fee to mentor students who have little to no in-school support and orientation to universities abroad.

I'm a cooperative counselor: I'm not an agent. 

I believe in access and equity in education, and I want to see you make an informed decision to study abroad with a major and purpose you love At a university that supports you. 

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Do you offer generous scholarships to international students and/or offer tuition less than USD 10,000 per year at the undergraduate or graduate levels? I'd love to do a Q&A with you about student life and support you provide.
Note: my students have primarily attended high school on the national curriculum in Panama. I also volunteer with HALI students from around the world, and am always interested in connecting with universities which offer full financial support/are under 20,000 USD total per year, including living expenses.

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I'm Kristen: college mentor, networker, & access advocate.

Raised in the U.S, I'm a first-generation college graduate who has spent the past 15 years studying, volunteering, and working with students in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, and Italy—currently calling the island of Sicily my home.
I've worked with hundreds of students one-on-one who have graduated from universities around the world—blooming in their studies, travels, and purpose in this world. 

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I offer one-on-one personalized college consulting services to help you make educated decisions about your future. We work on identifying majors, developing a balanced and realistic list of budget-friendly and supportive opportunities, and more.


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Where can you study in English around the world? At what cost? What kind of international student support will you receive in your new home? What makes that university's program unique? Is the university accredited—and what does that even mean?

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"Kristen has a way of making any student feel comfortable, since her communication skills are fantastic: she knows when to listen, when to speak, when to give you space and when to offer help. What I think I loved the most about working with her is that she didn't only care about me getting good scores or getting into a good school: she cared about me as a person, and she wanted me to be happy and successful, whatever that meant for me."



- Nicolle (Brazil)

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