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Student Spotlight: Victoria Cummins

January 5, 2020

Read Victoria Cummins’ story in this student highlight, a Massachusetts native who went to Johnson & Wales University

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Student Highlight: Victoria Cummins

University: Johnson & Wales University

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Natick, Massachusetts

Graduation year: November 2019

Why did you pick Johnson & Wales University?

“My college selection process was a bit different than others. I was very set on going to school in the South (don’t ask me why, I still couldn’t tell you.) I fell in love with one college in particular, Rhodes College, a very very small liberal arts school in Memphis TN. Come to find out, this was the only school I did not get into. After going through a very small breakdown I like to refer to as my Brittany Spears break down, I decide it may be worth a shot applying to schools closer to Massachusetts. A couple weeks later I had been accepted to both Boston College and Johnson & Wales University. When I first tour Johnson & Wales, There wasn’t one particular thing that drew me to JWU, but rather a gut feeling I got as soon as I stepped foot into an Open House In March 2016. Walking into that Open House felt like I was walking into the next chapter of my life. I was surrounded by the community I had always wanted – and I put my deposit down that day.”

What made you stay at Johnson & Wales?

“My first week of school was a rough one, like it is for most freshmen in college; I liked my roommate a lot and I thought my classes and professors were interesting, but I wasn’t really involved. It wasn’t until I joined the Collegiate Ambassador Team that I truly started to feel like Johnson & Wales was home. The Collegiate Ambassador Team was reasonable for giving tours and helping out the admissions department for events on campus and I was extremely excited to get involved in the programs that helped me find my way to Johnson & Wales. I started to get more and more involved within this program, made new friends, met my boyfriend, found a lifelong mentor, and even got a job working within the admissions department. When I look back on it now it was this opportunity that really made me stay at Johnson & Wales. Having a university that allowed you to have real world experience and wanted to see their students working, gaining experiences, and supporting them in doing so during their education was very special.”

What is your favorite part about college?

“My favorite part about college was the independence. Going to college I was able to have a fresh start, create my own schedule, and start to get into a new routine. Being on my own taught allowed me to really focus on myself, I went to the gym, got involved, met new people, and really just enjoyed creating a new path for myself.”

What is one piece of advice you would give to your 16-year-old self?

“I think one thing I would tell to my younger self is to remember how young you are and to not grow up so fast. I spent so much of my high school years worrying about what was next and dreaming to be older that I never really enjoyed being young. Though it is important to focus on getting the best grades/test scores you can its so important to be young and enjoy it while you can because before toy know it college will be over and the “real world” will begin.”

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