Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia

May 20, 2021

A supportive and affordable option in the walkable city of Venice, Italy. Be sure to check out the photos of my campus visit.

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I visited Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia in January 2020. Before I get into Ca’ Foscari’s academics, I wanted to highlight the setting really sets the stage for your studies: Venice is a very unique city with 118 islands separated by canals and linked by bridges, and known for its stunning architecture and artwork. Putting myself in a students’ shoes coming from abroad, I would say that the location is definitely dreamlike. You’ll spend your time walking and have the ability to take water taxis as well (they’re fun once you get the hang of them!). Cars are not allowed so you’ll find locals using boats in the canals for deliveries. You’ll even see fruit/veggie vendors in the canals, so you can shop easily for fresh regional food at an affordable price.

I toured Ca’ Foscari’s campuses with a former student now working in admissions: she described Venice as safe for students, especially since homes are so near, and the city is so used to the international population from the influx of tourists, artists, students, researchers, and educators every year. Many shop owners and restaurant workers spoke English (sometimes limited), so you can transition with more ease than other locations as you are learning and studying Italian. I felt really immersed and inspired by the arts in Venice, with so many theater announcements, stages, Carnival masks for sale, and buildings under restoration.

I was welcomed by Roberta Bin from the International Office, and we enjoyed a nice orange juice in Ca’ Foscari’s café. There’s a Welcome Day for international students, and 1000+ students from abroad at Ca’ Foscari alone. There is an online entrance test as part of your application, and I invite you to read more information if you need to complete a Foundation Year. Italian courses are available after you arrive for a minimal cost. It’s possible to switch majors after you arrive, and you’ll be mentored by a tutor for your academics. Students can definitely budget to live under USD 1000/month for the academic year in a shared apartment or in one of the student residences, as Venice is a very student-friendly city to accommodate varying budgets (anywhere from 200 to 800 EUR/month). You’ll be supported by Career Services as you look for internships and jobs after graduation. If you want to study abroad while at Ca’ Foscari, there are many impressive options (which my tour guide had taken advantage of in China!).

I suggest you keep an eye out for their Open Days, in which you can ask questions directly to them, and definitely follow their Instagram account—my tour guide had a hand in putting it together, and for days that I miss my time in Venice and want to learn more about Ca’ Foscari, it’s very helpful.

Some facts about the university:

  • 3-year Bachelor’s Degrees
  • 2-year Master’s Degrees
  • Doctoral & Professional Master’s Degree Programs
  • Courses are taught in Italian, English, and Italian/English
  • September start

Bachelor’s degrees in English:

Want to learn more? Click below to read about the programs at Ca’ Foscari:


Cost of Living 


Important information:

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