July 19, 2021

Bulgaria is not only one of the least expensive countries in Europe but one known for its affordable and high quality English degrees in Medicine, Engineering, and more! Keep on reading.

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Take a look at what’s waiting for you in Bulgaria!

Bulgaria is one of the least expensive countries in Europe! It has a handful of public and private universities offering programs in English and is known for its programs in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Engineering. 

Many universities are located in Sofia, the capital and largest city in Bulgaria. Sofia is an international city known for the friendliness of the people and a high percentage of the population speaks English. Living costs average around 625 USD/month. And since it’s an EU member state, your diploma will be recognized all throughout the EU without having to sit additional exams!

A note on applying

Both public and private universities have their own applications. Please check out their websites for entry requirements. Depending on the program, you’ll likely have to demonstrate English proficiency and may have to sit an admissions exam. Compared to other countries in the EU, though, Bulgaria generally has less rigorous entry requirements. For a more general overview of what could be required, check out This link about scholarships in Bulgaria also provides good insight.

A note on visas

As a non-EU student, you would be looking into a visa type D. To be able to obtain this visa you do need to demonstrate you have medical insurance, a plan for housing, and enough funds to pay for basic living expenses. Check in with the Bulgarian embassy in your country for specific requirements and the legal limits for working while studying. 

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Also, check out some of our highlighted universities in Bulgaria:

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