July 19, 2021

The Italian higher educational system prides its equitability for scholarships, high quality programs and institutions, and safety. Learn about the options that Italy has for you here!

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The Italian higher educational system prides its equitability for scholarships (with some of the lowest fees in Europe), high quality programs and institutions, and safety (aligned with the country’s goals for sustainable development, access to universal healthcare, and innovation during the pandemic) (Fondazione CRUI). Italy has several options for continuing your higher education in English, with public universities maxing out at about 4800 USD/year in tuition. Shared rooms and apartments can help bring living costs to below USD 1000/month and there are great incentives for accommodation grants to cover your cost of housing. See pages 40-43 in the NACAC Guide to International University Admission for more details. You also want to keep in mind that for certain degrees, an entrance exam will be required, and most Italian universities will require an entrance exam such as the TOLC, an orientation and evaluation test to determine your aptitude and preparation. 

A note on visas

While the low tuition rates and accommodation grants are tempting, non-EU citizens  will still need to show proof of financial support (at least € 448,07 per month (539 USD/month) for the academic year, a total of 6356.49 USD per year).

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Also, check out some of our highlighted universities in Italy:

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  1. Emily says:

    This is such a brilliantly welcoming site- tons of information and meaningful contextualization.

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