The Czech Republic

July 19, 2021

Czechia: “land of stories,” world-class universities with degrees in English, and scenic cities. Keep reading to learn more!

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The Czech Republic (also called Czechia) offers high-quality higher education options in a country known for being both affordable and safe. Bachelor’s Degrees in English can be well under USD 5000/year (and last 3 years instead of 4!). And if you’re really committed, higher education at public and state institutions is free of charge for you if you study in Czech! Estimated USD 350-750/month for living costs, including meals, accommodation, public transport, and culture.

A note on applying:

As a general timeline, applications are usually due between February and April if you wish to start in the fall. For a general run-down on what the application process may be like for universities in the Czech Republic, check out this step-by-step guide. Remember, however, that each university will have its own deadlines and entry requirements. Some, for example, may require an entrance exam that you would need to take online or in person in the Czech Republic. Others may ask you for a certification (vysvědčení) from the Czech government, verifying that your international high school diploma is officially recognized. This process is called nostrifikace. Click here for more information on “nostrification.” 

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Also, check out some of our highlighted universities in the Czech Republic:

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